Breakfast Meeting #1 at Bo-Kaap Kombuis Saturday morning

Just a quick heads up, there is going to be a breakfast meeting at BoKaap Kombuis on Saturday, 28 January 2012 at around 9h00.

Nadeem Hendricks (Principal) will be there to flesh things out with Alumni for getting things in place for the forthcoming Centennial Celebrations.

There is also going to be a presentation of the new Website and suggestions will be welcomed regarding improvements etc.

Reports will be featured on the new Alumni Portal, please register in the interim:

Trafalgar High School 100 Years Alumni Portal

Now, back to the Breakfast meeting, it is going to be focussed on the Trafalgar High School 100 Years Centennial Celebrations planning, thinking caps required.

This is a face to face opportunity, be there, get the word out to any Trafalgarians you are in contact with and …. don’t be late 🙂

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    • TrafalgarHigh


      All the options are open to you and all Trafalgarians.

      1. Watch this website for all the latest news or check the bottom of the page where you can subscribe to be notified of all updates via email.

      2. Register on the Alumni Portal for which the link is at the top of the page – Register.

      3. Attend the meeting to be held at Trafalgar High School Hall, on Saturday, 11 February 2012 where the forthcoming Centennial Celebrations are going to be discussed.

      Thank you for your response and you are welcome 🙂

  1. Patrick Wagner

    I trust that the meeting on 11th February went favourably. Is it possible to inform as widely as possible Trafalgarians about the events intended for the propsed April 2012 celebrations. I look forawrd to more information asap.

    • Ryan Busby

      The meeting we had on the 11th February was postponed to 10th March 11:00am as only a few Trafalgarians were present. Please people, we are asking for you to attend to present your ideas, areas of expertise, formation of committees, to get the planning of the 100 years Centennial Celebrations into action.
      Don’t come with arguments and history lessons, wanting to talk for a half an hour on history and politics of the school, although it is nice to hear about it, but not at this meeting, not yet please.
      No politics and lectures are needed during the meeting, please people, be CONSTRUCTIVE not DISRUPTIVE during the next meeting.

  2. William M.C.Volkwijn

    Dear Trafalgarians in Cape Town and its environs:
    Please try to attend the meetings as we cannot be present as we , after absences of 40 years or more, now are established “ex -pat” residents and are exiles living in other countries due to the policies of the evil “Apartheid” Nationalist government(s).
    Your actions now will withstand the test of time in honour of our beloved Trafs.
    We loved the school and the community ( and still do) but HATED the government.This is a plea from a Trafalgarian who has acquired Canadian citizenship and whose domicile is now in Canada…… for all those of you who are able to attend….do it for the sake of our (much troubled and glorious) past and for the future generations of Trafalgarians.
    Make your voices heard !
    Thank you to all those who will heed this genuine call.
    Best wishes for a successful meeting and positive outcomes !!!
    Per Angusta, Ad Augusta !
    Warmest Regards,

    William M.C. Volkwijn, Matric Class X A 1960
    Trafalgar High School

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