Meet the Glamour Boys – Cricket 1993


This was a great team that played excellent Cricket.They were also called the “Glamour Boys” for some odd reason.

These faces were the heroes of Trafalgar Cricket Team of 1993.

Contributed by Moegammad Devajee who comes from a family of well known Cricketers.

2 Replies to “Meet the Glamour Boys – Cricket 1993”

  1. Moegammad Devajee

    Matric ’93 best yrs ever. The Devajee’s were well known for their sporting abilities…
    I was part of the cricketing team that toured Kenya…well done to the cricket team…
    Mr Taliep, Principal at the time …I can still hear you shouting in the corridor, “Devajee get to your class!!!!”
    The “MIMBAH” if u were a true Trafalgarian you’ll know that spot…klaverjas the game that was played throughout the day..
    So much memories…looking back at those days brings laughter…

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