School Song

The Trafalgar High School Song was written by Alexander Busch in 1939 and the music arrangement done by the late Reggie Lesch.


Trafalgar glorious name

Enshrined in many hearts

And thou shalt spread thy fame

In near and distant parts

Thy name we do adore

This day and ever more.

The name, the very soul

That spurs us to our goal.


O Trafalgarians, be ye proud

Extol that thrice blessed name

And raise your adorations loud

Thus shall ye spread its fame


Thou art our hope our life

To thee our all of praise

Thou giv’st us strength to fight

Enkindled by thy rays

Though oft’ the hope seems vain

There’s nought us shall restrain

From battling with a will

Undaunted, hopeful still.

Repeat Chorus

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  1. Melvyn November

    I’m involved in a course that aims to raise the personal and professional skills of high school teachers in the area of communication skills. As I’m preparing for the next presentation on the use of dialogues, role-plays, songs and chants, I thought it might be a great idea to share my high school son with the participants – and to find out if they have school songs.

    I just took a chance and googled ‘Trafalgar High School song’ and I was thrilled to find it on line. Ah, what memories the song evokes of my school days at Trafalgar in the late 1950s and 1960s. I look forward to sharing the words of the song with participants. And of course singing it in class!

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