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Shereen Pandit:

To vastly and irreverently paraphrase:
“And so, my fellow alumni: ask not what Trafalgar can do for you – ask what you can do for Trafalgar. My fellow alumni across the world………….what together can we do to show what Trafalgar has contributed to the advancement of humankind?”

Minutes / Feedback from Ryan Busby who minuted the Meeting on the 11 February 2012:

Thank you Shereen for those inspiring words and ideas. I will forward this to Nadeem Hendricks, (Principal)

The meeting was not as bad as it sounds, there were some positive ideas that came from a few positive and constructive people.

A committee that was chosen at this meeting, will meet again on the 16th Feb. Here we will work at getting the word out in all forms of media in preparation for the next meeting to be held on 10th March.

An agenda was drawn up for the meeting on 11th Feb but due to poor attendance it was postponed to the 10th March.

Everyone will be well informed of the agenda and date of next meeting. So come rain or shine everything will take effect from there.

Yes there will always be someone trying to throw a spanner in the works, but we will take it positively and work on a great 100 years Centennial Celebration for all Trafalgarians.

So glad I forwarded my article to you Shereen, even if it was not of great standard at least I can say I contributed something.


Suggestions put forward by Shereen Pandit regarding the formation of Committees and forward Planning

Would it be an idea for Nadeem to co-opt a committee before the next meeting, from those who were present and who would like to be on this committee?

You’re never going to get a meeting of people across so many generations and from so many backgrounds all agreeing on what constitutes a celebration or even on who should be on the committee, so perhaps Nadeem should just take the plunge and co-opt. Or perhaps the School Board of Governors could select a committee?

They could then pool all ideas which have thus far come in via email or the website, draft an agenda before a public meeting and discuss each of the ideas thus far mooted. Any new ideas could be added to the agenda.

Different events could be planned to accommodate different people.

Eg. Those who want to deliver speeches about the school’s history could be asked to deliver them at a seminar/workshop specifically for this purpose, as one of the celebratory events. In this way an appropriate space would be provided for such necessary input and debate. Important speeches could be put on the website for the instruction of current and future students.

Those who want something like a party could be accommodated by other events.

One person very humbly put forward the suggestion that all he wants is to be invited to the school just to revisit his youthful haunts eg Each decade should be invited to just visit and perhaps meet with and speak to the current students?

You will still get complaints about exclusion if you co-opt a committee, but at the end of the day, not everyone of thousands can be on it!!

I have heard that questions were asked as to why I the governors asked me to do the publication. I could here put forward my political and academic track record, my current work as writer and editor, but why should I? The people who asked me to do it , think that I have what it takes to do the job.

My question to the detractors is this: which of you would have liked to spend the past six months working 24/7 at this? Do you know what it has involved? Did you come up with an idea for a publication, flesh it out, hunt up alumni, make hundreds of calls, write and respond to hundreds of emails, build networks, edit articles, collect photos and everything else involved in this job? Did you even offer to write an article?

If not, don’t stand at the sidelines and criticize – I did the best I could. Lots of people on this blog and elsewhere stepped up to the plate and helped. They were appreciative and supportive. If you weren’t one of them, don’t now carp and complain. To be quite rude, it’s a case of put up or shut up.

Many of the “great and the good” were asked to contribute to the publication. Did they? Not many who fancy themselves so did. They were begged, pleaded with and cajoled by email, letter and phone. So if their august words are not in the publication, sorry it’s not for want of trying.

However, ordinary men and women who are the backbone of the school’s alumni did come forward. They after all are the majority of Trafalgarians – those ordinary men and women. They wrote of their love and respect for the school and their teachers. They wrote about what the school did for them, of how it affected their lives. They wrote about what it taught them about being useful and constructive human beings.

These are the true Trafalgarians. Peope who loved the school, who appreciate what it taught them, who know the value it added to their lives academically, socially and politically.

So those who criticize: Bring it on, as they say in that awful country which tries to rule the world. But remember, where I come from there are no shy violets, only tough aloes.


Minutes / Feedback from Ryan Busby who minuted the Meeting on the 11 February 2012:

The meeting we had on the 11th February was postponed to 10th March 11:00am as only a few Trafalgarians were present.

Please people, we are asking for you to attend to present your ideas, areas of expertise, formation of committees, to get the planning of the 100 years Centennial Celebrations into action.

Don’t come with arguments and history lessons, wanting to talk for a half an hour on history and politics of the school, although it is nice to hear about it, but not at this meeting, not yet please.


No politics and lectures are needed during the meeting, please people, be CONSTRUCTIVE not DISRUPTIVE during the next meeting.


Minutes / Feedback from Ryan Busby who minuted the Meeting on the 11 February 2012:

We had a meeting on 11th February, which was not very successful as only a few people turned up, as usual.

Before the meeting started Mr. Rhoda very disruptively asked that the meeting be postponed.

Now, because other Trafalgarians did not pitch up, we that took the time to come to the meeting, actually ended up just wasting our time due to other people.

Trafalgarians were notified via Radio, various Blogs, Facebook and the Schools new website:

but yet, few people were present.

So the meeting was postponed for a month and will be held on the 10 March 2012 11:00am at the School Hall.

Now the School has to spend thousands to put an advert in the Cape Times to notify the Trafalgarians about this meeting.

If Trafalgarians do not pitch for the next they only have themselves to blame.

We have an opportunity to give our constructive suggestions and ideas at this meeting.

So please people don’t come and disrupt the meeting by giving history lessons, we are looking for constructive suggestions, ideas and for your areas of expertise, formation of committees to get the planning of the 100 years Centennial Celebrations into action.

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  1. Gitendra Kassen

    Regret for not having attended the first meeting due to circumstances beyond my control.
    Will make every effort to attend the next meeting in March and to add meaningful suggestions on how we can celebrate the 100 years of truly a great School and am proud to be a Trafalgarian

    Kind regards
    Gitendra Kassen
    Class of 68

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