Meeting #3 at Trafalgar High School Hall

There will be another General Meeting at the Trafalgar High School Hall on Saturday, 10 March 2012 at 11h00.

Calling all Trafalgarians past and present to attend to present your ideas, areas of expertise, formation of committees to get the planning of the 100 years Centennial Celebrations into action.

An agenda will be circulated and drafted, with comments noted for adoption at the General Meeting.

The Alumni Portal features invitation facilties via email which may be used to inform any Trafalgarians you are in contact with and to get the word out as fast as possible.

This is an open invitation to all Trafalgarians, please attend and be sure to get there early.

PS. The previous meeting was  called off / postponed to the above date and time due to extremely low turnout.

Every avenue available to get the message to all Trafalgarians will be explored and used within the time between now and the next meeting.


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  1. William M.C. Volkwijn

    Dear Trafalgarians in Cape Town and its environs:
    Please try to attend the meetings as we cannot be present as we , after absences of 40 years or more, now are established “ex -pat” residents and are exiles living in other countries due to the policies of the evil “Apartheid” Nationalist government(s).
    Your actions now will withstand the test of time in honour of our beloved Trafs.
    We loved the school and the community ( and still do) but HATED the government.This is a plea from a Trafalgarian who has acquired Canadian citizenship and whose domicile is now in Canada…… for all those of you who are able to attend….do it for the sake of our (much troubled and glorious) past and for the future generations of Trafalgarians.
    Make your voices heard !
    Thank you to all those who will heed this genuine call.
    Best wishes for a successful meeting and positive outcomes !!!
    Per Angusta, Ad Augusta !
    Warmest Regards,

    William M.C. Volkwijn, Matric Class X A 1960
    Trafalgar High School

  2. William M.C.Volkwijn

    Hi Trafalgarians :
    Good to see the pics.of all those current happy pupils and staff at the Centenary Celebrations and those wonderful palm trees still standing tall in the Trafs. yard.
    Heartiest Congratulations to the Principal, Staff,Students and Committee members on such a well organised event. As a retired educator who has organised smaller such school events I can fully appreciate all the hard work in planning and executing such a big event. Thank you to all who contributed. Those “Kaapse lekkernye” looked so sumptuous !
    Tears have come to my eyes after seeing the school buildings, the yard and the inside of the gymnasium
    where I had spent so many enjoyable P.E. classes and other school activities with my contemporaries.
    Memories have flooded back of the past and of my school friends, some of whom have passed on and many who are living outside of Cape Town, around the world.
    In particular I want to remember three friends, the late Mr. Zane Brown, a Trafalgarian (1960) who achieved such high honours in our adopted country, Canada, ending his long career with the Federal Government of Canada.Zane passed away in Canada in 2010.
    Other members of Trafalgarians from 1950’s also include, Mr. Mike Adams Davids <-- Fixed (1959), who achieved such great success internationally in his chosen field of Scientific Research. His work has been accredited around the world.He currently lives not far from me near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The other contemporary of mine I want to mention here is Mr.Wilfred De Voux, who passed away in Capetown a few years ago. He was a stalwart friend who stood by all of the members of our small group through the trials and tribulations of the teen years. Space does not permit me here to name all the other students from my time at Trafs.Perhaps at another time. Thanks for the memories. Best wishes for a successful year of celebration in 2012. William M.C.Volkwijn Trafalgar (1956- 1960) Canada 2012

    • William M.C.Volkwijn

      Correction under “Hi Trafalgarians” posted today:
      The name Mike Adams should be corrected .
      It is Mike “Davids”. (Fixed ^)
      My humblest apologies Mike.
      William M.C.Volkwijn

  3. William M.C.Volkwijn

    A riddle for Trafalgarians from the 1950’s :

    What do the following have in common, having been seen all together on the Trafalgar High School campus during the 1950’s ? :

    A hammer, a mouse, a crayfish,a mother,a poisoned head,a tropical bird,a common Cape fish, a monkey, dogs and lightning ?

    All these were the well known affectionate and not so affectionate (at times) nicknames of some of the best and most awesome educators on staff at Trafalgar High School during the 1950’s.

    In order :

    Mr. Hanmer (Geography),Mr. Meissenheimer (Latin), Mr. Greeff (History),Ms.Deane (History),Mr. Steneveldt (Maths and Science),Mr.”Polly” Slingers (History),Mr. Steenveld (English),Mr.? (Woodwork), Mr.Smith (Phys. Ed aka celebrated wrestler,”Lightning Smith”), Mr.Roux former (principal)

    With apologies to them all aka “hammer”,”muis”,”mama dean”,”grieffie”,”gifkoppie”,”polly”,”snoek”,”aap”,”lightning smith”and “hondjies”.
    [I have often wondered why so many animal names were used by the students back then?]

    A belated thanks to all of their hard work in trying to educate us in various disciplines as reflected in their nicknames !

    William M.C. Volkwijn
    Matric Graduate
    Trafalgar High School1960

  4. William M.C.Volkwijn

    I would like to add a very important person in my history at this note, albeit late !!!!
    He is Dr. Ivan Carr, still in Cape Town, who attended Trafs during my time there.
    I had the distinct honour of meeting up with him personally in Devon, England during a trip we took in the summer of 2012. What a joyous occasion and a stellar privilege to have seen my old school pal after several decades, of course, we both look exactly the same (we wish !). Thanks again to the provided to all Trafs graduates by Warren Ludski, without whose hard work we could not have stayed in touch.Compliments of the Season to all Trafs. Alumni out there. Dec. 2014

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