Fred Robinson – One Hundred Thousand Rands Cheque Handover

Fred Robinson, CEO of Lion Of Africa Insurance, stepped up to the Challenge and pledged R100 000.00 to Trafalgar High School on the 12 January 2012, the 100th Anniversary, at the Academic Assembly held to commemorate the occasion.

Yes, One Hundred Thousand Rands – a Thousand Rand for every year of Trafalgar High School’s existence

Fred Robinson, an Alumni of Trafalgar High School made the pledge publicly and has honoured his Alma Mater with this Gift, which he says is a small thanks for the Education he received from the School.

He has now officially handed over the Cheque to the School reminding those present that he was once himself a Bursary Student at Trafalgar High School.

Watch the Video for more details of the Challenge thrown and enjoy clicking through the Photos above.

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