Alumni Registrations

Alumni registration is a simple process, however it has certain caveats which must be noted and followed in order to have a seamless registration experience.

Read the immediate instructions before inputting your information into the required fields.

Choice of username should be in _lowercase_ only, no spaces, nor hyphens and yes, that means not a single CAPITAL letter in there at all.

Name and Surname are required! Just putting your name without surname will unfortunately allow you to continue and create the account but you will not be able to login at all.

If it says (required) it means that field must have information in there. All fields are required anyway, so leaving your Surname blank is not going to work.

We have many registrations that are dormant because of either incorrect procedures followed, or the confirmation email has landed in your SPAM folder and it has been assumed that the email was not sent.

We have to delete duplicated and / or dormant accounts, i.e. 683 which have never logged into the system even once.

You may be amongst those who will have to re-register your account.

If you are amongst these please advise if you can not access your account.

Your account will only become active once you click the link within the verification email sent to your email address you registered with.

Once your account is active it will appear at the top of the list at the bottom of the site – New Members, which will display the latest 10 Members.

You can then login to the Website and participate in the Groups which you may join for discussion and personal messaging, eg. Reunions Group.

If you have registered and cannot log in, then please use the Contact Us form and advise of any issues, just click image below and choose the Webmaster option to send your information.

Else, if you are already a registered Member, enjoy the feature set by going to the Groups, Members and Activities Sections of the Alumni Portal.

Note, these will not be visible to unregistered site visitors though.

See: Guide to the Alumni Portal

Else simply click the image below to contact us for assistance:


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