The clock is ticking …

Eight days, 19 hours, 36 minutes and 05 seconds left to go for the Premier Gala Event!

Do you have your Fashion/Musical and Gala Tickets yet?

All the passion and enthusiasm came across quite strongly in the Principal’s address (Mr. N. Hendricks) on the Radio last night.

So we will be having an awesome Trafs Family get together on Sunday, 23 September 2012 at the Green Point Urban Park with the youngsters, actually the Stars of Tomorrow playing some Rugby and everyone else chilling out and making up for lost time and meeting and renewing old friendships. Admission for this is FREE. Even Coffee/Tea will be FREE. Koeksistas, at almost free prices. Bring your Picnic Basket! Be there from 9h00.

Then more Stars of Tomorrow will shine at the Fashion/Musical which will be held at Trafalgar High School in a Humongous Marquee on the Tarmac, all ages welcome. Come and be entertained for R50.00 at your old School. Hmmm, nostalgia. Friday, 28 September 2012 is the day, or rather the evening, from 7h00 till yawn.

The Centennial Gala Event. What can one say. One Hundred Years of a rich heritage, during the Heritage week. If you are not there, then be prepared for disappointment, because it will only happen once this Century. The next one will only be in another 100 years time. Lifetimes of struggle, battles, survival and it paid off, Trafalgar High School is _still_ here for us to Celebrate its Centennial of existence, in spite of the spite of the previous Government, who had planned to close the School and re-invent it as a “White” Primary School. Dream on as they say. Trafs with its undaunted spirit has overcome all, the very building offering resistance to literal and figurative winds of change and time.

Per Angusta Ad Augusta

The Trafalgar High School Song was written by Alexander Busch in 1939 and the music arrangement done by the late Reggie Lesch.

If you have forgotten the Trafalgar High School Song then here are the lyrics:

Trafalgar glorious name

Enshrined in many hearts

And thou shalt spread thy fame

In near and distant parts

Thy name we do adore

This day and ever more.

The name, the very soul

That spurs us to our goal.


O Trafalgarians, be ye proud

Extol that thrice blessed name

And raise your adorations loud

Thus shall ye spread its fame


Thou art our hope our life

To thee our all of praise

Thou giv’st us strength to fight

Enkindled by thy rays

Though oft’ the hope seems vain

There’s nought us shall restrain

From battling with a will

Undaunted, hopeful still.

Repeat Chorus

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