Admission Policy


In terms of section 5(5) of the South African Schools Act of 1996, the governing body of a public school must determine the .admission policy of that school
The Governing Body of TRAFALGAR HIGH SCHOOL has accordingly constituted the following as the admissions policy of the school, in belief that its provision are consistent with:

  • The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act 108/1996)
  • The National Education Policy Act and any applicable policies determined in terms of this Act (Act 27/1996)
  • The South African School’s Act (Act 84/1996) and subsequent amendments
  • The Western Cape School Provincial School Education Act (Act 12/1997)
  • The Promotions of Administrative Justice Act (Act 3/2000)


Selection of a learner applicant for admission to Trafalgar High School shall be based on the following criteria, which are set out in no particular order

a.) In February each year the closing date for applicants will be set and advertised (usually last day of term 1).

b.) Applicants received by the closing date will be given preference over late applications.
c.) An amount of R2000.00 will be required to be paid and this will be deducted from the school fees. R800.00 on
acceptance and R600.00 at the open day (normally in JULY) and R600.00 (when collecting enablement).
d.) The timely submission of a duly completed application form together with all the required supporting
documentation (See documentation required for admission of a learner)
e.) The learner’s proficiency in English, which is the language of learning and teaching at Trafalgar High School,
f.) Whether admission will be in the best interest of the learner, having regard to Trafalgar High School academic
standards, and its requirement of participation in the sporting and cultural life of the school. Preference will be
given to applicants with a suitable reference from their current school.
g.) Trafalgar High School is a FEE paying school therefore all parents / guardians of learners accepted at the
school must fulfill their financial obligation.
h.) A learner will not be refused admission on the grounds of race, religion or culture,
i.) Any pupil admitted to the school is admitted to the total school programme and will not be suspended from
classes, denied access to cultural, sporting or social activities on the grounds of an inability by his parents to
meet the required school fees.
j.) The age of the applicant. Learners who are more than two years older that the statistical age norm per grade
(which is the grade number plus 6), will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.
k.) Applicants who live with their parents/ legal guardians in the natural service area of the school will enjoy
precedence over those residing outside the natural area. (The Natural Area of the school is District 6 )
I.) The fact that the learner has or had a sibling at Trafalgar High School, except where this is not in the best
interest of the learner OR the parent / guardian has not met the required submission dates.
m.) Trafalgar High School will not administer any test to admission, except where placement specific course or
programme is required.

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