Admission Procedure


  1. The school’s Application for Admission form, duly completed and signed by the parent legal guardian
  2. The following documents, to be submitted with completed and signed application form:
    • An Official, unabridged birth certificate of the learner;
    • A copy of the Learner’s most recent report card issued by the previous school attended by the learner;
  3.  If the last report card is not available, a written affidavit from the parent, stating the reason for not having the report card, and authorizing the previous school/s to supply other equivalent documentation and information concerning the learner;
  4. A copy of a utilities account or lease agreement;
  5. A passport size photo of the learner;
  6. A copy of each parent’s/guardian identity document; and
  7. Such additional documentation as may be prescribed by the School Governing Body from time to time.


  1. Applicants will be required to complete the school’s Admission form and to submit this, together with the documents referred to above, to the school, by the required date set by the school.
  2. The Applicants will be screened for eligibility in terms of the Admission Criteria and eligible learners and their   parents may be invited to attend an information session before a decision on admission is made.
  3. Attendance at an information session does not guarantee admission to Trafalgar High School and prospective parents are advised to apply to other schools as well.
  4. Where an application for admission is successful, parents will be notified in writing and must respond in writing by the stipulated deadline, indicated whether or not the learner will take up the place offered and must then complete all the required documentation.
  5. Where an application for admission to Trafalgar High School is UNSUCCESSFUL the Principal will inform the parent/s in writing. Reasons for UNSUCCESSFUL will be given on request.
  6. All financial obligations SHOULD be met as requested from the school as the school is a SCHOOL FEES PAYING SCHOOL.



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