Assessment Policy


Trafalgar High School is committed to the promotion of academic excellence in all its learners therefore it is essential for standards to be maintained through regular meetings of learning area/subject departments, consistent assessment and moderation of work done by learners, attendance at WCED cluster moderation sessions and liaison with other schools.

1. Standardized tests/assignments/practicals to be undertaken on a regular basis
2. All work done within the school to be assessed according to various appropriate WCED/National Guidelines and within time frames set by the Head of Subject/Learning Area.
3. Educators responsible for keeping full records of all assessments completed for/by their own classes
4. Parents to be kept informed of learner progress and assessment by various means, which may include:
• Signing of tests/assignments by parents
• Issuing of quarterly progress reports (GET and FET phase)
1. Comments/feedback to be given by educators to fndividual learners in either written (e.g. on learner’s work) or verbal form.
2. Problems to be communicated to parents on a regular basis by inter alia
• Parent/Teacher evenings
• Special meetings with parents or a specific grade
• Letter of concern (‘green letter’) requesting specified parents to meet with the Learners educators
3. Parents encouraged to communicate with educators to express concerns regarding Learner’s progress whenever need is perceived.
4. Counsellors to give support where necessary/ appropriate.
5. Academic support given to learners where required
• Internally by THS educators, or
• by referral to external sources
6. Referral to Education Support Centre (Newlands) in relevant cases.

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