Cellphone Policy

The cell phone (and other electronic devices such as MP3 players, other music players and cameras) has no educational value at school and, as such, it is not permitted for learners to bring such items to school during the school day. Possession of a cell phone at school during the school day is thus prohibited and any cell phone found on a learner will be confiscated, with the sim card, for an initial period of five (5) school days for the Parent / Guardian to collect and a demerit will be issued. Repetition of this offence will be dealt with according to the School Code of Conduct.

The reasons for this policy are as follows:
1. There is no educational reason why a cell phone must be on a learner at school.
2. Use of web-based communication has become obsessive and does not form part of the curriculum.
3. The use of the camera facility on most cell phones is open to abuse with the possibility of pictures being taken of incidents which are then spread to others thus harming the good name of the school.
4. The learners are at risk of mugging when going to and from school and there is an alarming increase in the numbers of reported incidents around many schools in Cape Town.
5. It Is easy to conceal a cell phone, thus there is the risk of theft of valuable electronic items while at school.
In addition, there is significant pressure on learners to have the latest model cell phone and their parents are thus placed under financial pressure to acquire such a phone.

If a learner needs to bring a cell phone to school for a specific reason, written permission from that learner’s parent/guardian must accompany the learner each time the cell phone is brought to school. The cell phone must be SWITCHED OFF at the start of the school day and may be SWITCHED ON at the end of the school day.

Learners may, in an emergency, make use of the school phones to contact their parents/guardians.
While it is appreciated that this policy may cause inconvenience for learners and their parents/guardians it must be understood that it has been drawn up with the best interests of the learners at heart, with consideration for their education, their personal safety and the safety of their possessions.