Classroom Code of Conduct


The People who use this classroom:
– respect one another and one another’s property
– listen actively to one another
– help and care for one another
– listen quietly to all notices read from the Intranet
– are courteous

The classroom atmosphere which we all work hard to develop, is:
– open and tolerant
– friendly and kind
– relaxed and controlled
– positive and challenging
– honest and sincere

We come to class:
– punctually
– well prepared for our lessons
– ready to work immediately
– with all relevant books and equipment

In our class we will:
– not discriminate unfairly
– not pressurise any person unfairly
– try to avoid being punished as a group for individual behaviour
– not raise our voices unnecessarily

We all:
– look after our school facilities and equipment
– enjoy a variety of teaching methods and approaches
– tolerate and affirm individual differences of opinion
– accept that people have different values, needs and abilities
– respect each other’s RIGHT TO LEARN


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