Code of Conduct


The need to promote an educational environment for the learner and educator is the primary concern of the school. Disregard for this ethic now requires all learners – after concern expressed by fellow learners, staff and the School Governance Council – to sign the Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is a guiding basis on how learners are expected to conduct themselves generally at the school. All learners must sign this code of conduct before he/she will be allowed to register. The schools Disciplinary Committee and the School Governing Body shall deal with all learners found in breach of any of the principles.

1. To contribute to a constructive educational environment at school that will ensure the learner population enjoys a holistic education in terms of the Schools Act. This implies that no learner has the right to disturb, halt or retard another learner’s right of being taught by the teacher/educator.

2. To observe the school’s dress code which is as follows:


Summer: Grey trousers, plain white shirt, official school tie, black school shoes, hair to be neat – short until shirt collar NO streaked or dyed hair, grey/navy blue V-neck jersey and blazer (Compulsory Throughout the year) No other clothing allowed. This will be confiscated.

Winter: Same as summer together with school rain jacket, hair to be neat – short until shirt collar NO streaked or dyed hair.


Summer: Summer dress with belt, black school shoes, plain white ankle socks, plain white or navy blue scarves (optional) hair to be neat NOT streaked and blazer (Compulsory Throughout the year)

Winter: Navy blue skirt – respectable length, plain white shirt, school tie, navy blue scarves (optional), hair to be neat NOT streaked and Navy or Black Stockings and blazer (Compulsory Throughout the year)

Jewellery: Girls are only allowed one ring and one pair of stud earrings. No bracelets etc will be allowed. Boys are not allowed to wear any Jewellery. Learners obtaining W.P. Colours will only be allowed to wear their Track Top and not the entire Tracksuit. All other Clothing and Jewellery will be confiscated

3. To attend all subject classes as per timetable. Non-attendance (bunking) is a breach of conduct.

4. Not to smoke on the school’s premises or abuse substances of any kind either by consumption or
distribution. Guilt of substance abuse carries mandatory attendance at a rehabilitation facility or
disciplinary action such a suspension or expulsion.

5. Respect for school property and be held responsible for any damages vandalism, graffiti etc. caused
and face disciplinary action.

6. Any absenteeism from school requires a written letter from the parents/guardians or a doctor’s
certificate. Letters must be signed with a contact phone number.

7. Personal humiliation or threatening of another learner’s well being is a breach of conduct.

8. No visitation of friends to the school; or communication with unauthorized visitors to the school. Any
visitor must report to the office for permission to be on the school’s premises.

9. Non-performance of homework is not permissible and is a serious offence in terms of the
learner/educator relationship. The latter has the right to term this a breach of conduct.

10. Prefects must be obeyed in terms of the performance of their duties. Any disrespect or humiliation of the prefects is a breach of conduct.

11. Any act by the learner that gives the school a negative image during school hours and after school hours whilst in school’s uniform is a breach of conduct.

12. Not attending detention is a breach of conduct punishable by immediate suspension by the DC.

13. Leaving the school’s premises for whatever reason without permission from the office is a breach of conduct.

14. Causing disruption as a class that disturbs another class from learning is a breach of conduct. The entire class can be cited for this breach.

15. All Learners should participate in a sporting activity of the school.

16. To adhere to the Policies of the School:

1. Admission Policy
2. School Assessment Policy
3. Cell Phone Policy
4. Substance Use/Abuse Policy
5. Classroom Code Of Conduct
6. Home Work Policy
7. Disciplinary Hearings Policy
8. Etiquette Policy
9. Random Search and Seizure Policy