Etiquette Code – Expected Conduct

1. Learners are expected to offer assistance to visitors, staff members or peers who are carrying a heavy load of books or parcels or need assistance in any other way, and to show respect for the age and status of adults.

2. Learners are expected to stand upright and face towards any adult person with whom they are talking or who is speaking to them expect in a teaching situation. When spoken to they are expected to show visibly that they are listening carefully.

3. Learners are expected to say ‘please’ whenever asking for something and ‘thank you’ whenever receiving something from another person.

4. Learners are expected to greet all adults (staff and visitors), as well as peers they know, on school premises, and to show courteous friendliness towards others at all times.

5. Learners should exercise self-discipline and not shout or scream at the top of their voice under any circumstances except when seriously injured or in extreme danger and needing help urgently.

6. Learners are not permitted to eat during class time or while a lesson is in progress without special negotiated permission from the staff member.

7. Learners must stand aside to allow others, particularly staff members and visitors to the school, through a door first.

8. Learners should exercise self-discipline by refraining from loud, ridiculing laughter when someone else makes a mistake or something unusual happens in class or assembly.

9. All learners (male and female) should remove caps or hats, worn with ‘civvies’, when attending a formal meeting such as an Assembly or attending class.

10. When travelling by public transport in crowded conditions, or when seats have run out at a public meeting, learners are expected to give up their seat to an older person or a disabled person irrespective of their gender.

11. Learners are not permitted to indulge in intimate sexual behaviour while in school uniform or during formal school hours. While it is acknowledged that such behaviour may on occasions be appropriate in other contexts, it is inappropriate in a formal school context, can be embarrassing to others and is too easily abused.
Holding hands, petting and kissing should be kept for other occasions when it is more appropriate.


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