Homework Policy

Homework Policy


Homework is an extension and a supplement of class work which has to be completed arid/or learnt by learners outside the classroom.


  • To give learners the opportunity to undertake schoolwork independently and under their own conditions
  • To provide an opportunity for independent acquiring of knowledge and mastering of skills,
  • To provide additional practice, increasing the amount of time learners are actively engaged in learning
  • To allow educators an opportunity for monitoring learners’ progress and diagnosing learning problems
  • To increase learners’ independence, personal responsibility and individual accountability
  • To facilitate more rapid movement through the curriculum
  • To increase communications between parents and the school
  • To contribute to learners’ and parents’ understanding that the school holds high expectations of pupils.


  1. The Learner will receive a demerit immediately.
  2. The school disciplinary committee will be informed.
  3. The parent / guardian of the learner will be notified.
  4. The parent / guardian of the learner will be ask to report to the school the next day for intervention on this matter.


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