Substance Abuse Policy



1.    TRAFALGAR HIGH SCHOOL will continue to be proactive with regard to drug-related issues by, for example, running relevant courses as part of its Life Orientation Curriculum.

2.    All drug-related incidents will be handled sensitively and firmly, bearing in mind that there is sometimes a distinction between discipline and counselling issues.

3.    Reports of LEARNERS involved in drug-related incidents will be considered in a very serious light.

4.    The chances of a drug-related problem being successfully addressed are enhanced if the school and the home work in partnership.

5.    The use/abuse of drugs by learners is a reality. To pretend that TRAFALGAR HIGH LEARNERS are not exposed to, or in some cases involved in, substance abuse, would’ be both a distortion of reality and an obstacle in the way of assisting/counselling learners.

6.    Alcohol and cigarettes are considered to be drugs but because they are more commonly used than are other substances, this policy makes special reference to them.

7.    In accordance with WCED the School has the right to conduct Drug Tests on suspicious learners.


1.    Smoking is viewed by TRAFALGAR HIGH SCHOOL as being an unhealthy, anti-social habit.

2.    No learner may smoke in school uniform.

3.    No learner may smoke at a school-related function.

4.    No learner may bring cigarettes, lighters or matches to school or to a school-related function, or have such in her/his possession In such situations.

5.    The school may at its discretion, inform parents/guardians of smoking incidents that are not directly school-related.

6.    The law of the land pertaining to cigarette smoking is applicable to our learners.

7.    Nicotine addiction is not uncommon amongst learners. The school will thus, when requested, direct learners to agencies that will assist them in giving up smoking.


1.   Alcohol abuse is unacceptable.

2.    No learner may consume alcohol at a school-related function.

3.    No learner may consume alcohol in school uniform.

4.    No learner may bring alcohol to school or to a school-related function, or have alcohol in her/his possession in such a situation.

5.    The law of the land pertaining to alcohol consumption is applicable to staff and learners.

6.    The school, at its own discretion, will involve itself beyond its immediate area of jurisdiction, in alcohol-related incidents, by making contact with the relevant parents / guardians.


1.    Use of illegal (non-prescription) drugs and abuse of legal (over-the-counter) drugs, is unacceptable.

2.    All such incidents that involve learners will be brought to the attention of the relevant parents/guardians with a view to solving a possible “drug problem”.

3.     If a learner is reported to be involved in the selling of drugs, the police will be immediately informed.

4.     Drug use/abuse that is school-related is punishable and may well lead to the expulsion of the relevant learner, particularly if the learner has in any way influenced others to participate in drug use / abuse, or if the learner is dealing.