Welcome to Trafalgar High

Welcome to the NEW  Trafalgar High School website.

Please feel free to have a look around the Website as well as the School Policies.

With Trafalgar High School having had a birthday celebrating 100 years of existence, there is a rich heritage which we will leverage going forward, ensuring the next 100 years will be even more fruitful.

We also have a dedicated website to showcase the Trafalgar High School 100 Years Centennial Celebrations.

With an established Computer Lab and Internet Access planned in Senior Grade Classrooms, we are constantly striving to increase the Computer Skills of our Learners, to equip them for the Entrepreneurial and/or Working Environment. Learners may choose to take Computer Applications Technology (CAT) as a subject from Grades 10 – 12.

With the arrival of 2012 we have already achieved the first of two ICT initiatives. The first is a completely secure website that allows Teachers and Learners to Collaborate Online during and/or after School hours. It also has a facility for secure Online Examinations, as well as the usual Social Networking aspects such as Blogging and Chat communications.

Assignments with complete follow through to Grading / Pass Marks are conducted entirely in a Secure Online Environment.

Because it is completely Secure, no-one outside of the School Online Environment will be able to access or view content.

Staff are currently testing the Public Portal, which will give parents access to more detailed information about subject specific content.

Parents will also be  invited and encouraged to Interact Online, allowing them to see the work their children are doing, and to Interact more closely with Subject Teachers.

Our second initiative is the “eLearning”, Online Classes which a few Teachers at the School are trialling. This model of teaching has been proven to work effectively. It calls for the Learners to take greater responsibility for their learning, by working through some of the content at home (instead of doing traditional homework), using pre-prepared videos.

Class time may then be used more effectively for one-on-one Interaction with the Teacher. Learners are able to work at their own pace through consolidation exercises, extension exercises, projects etc.

The School is also seeking to increase our electronic communication with parents in order to reduce paper wastage and reduce our carbon footprint in keeping with the Green Environment initiative. General notices about upcoming events and meetings will be posted Online.

We are also in the process of setting up an online library of eBooks which is readily searchable for content for reading or printing extracts for research from within the Junior Computer Lab.

We have also developed an Alumni Portal which allows for Online Chat, Private Messaging and Communications Infrastructure to encourage Alumni to stay in contact with the School and Classmates across the decades.

These are indeed exciting times for Trafalgar High School, leveraging a rich 100 year history and aiming to make a major impact over the next 100 years.

Comments are welcome, or contact us via the contact form.